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Welcome to The Book Lovers (

To use this website, please read the following Terms of Use carefully.

If you have any questions about the use of the website, please visit the Contact section, all questions or comments about the website or website content will be answered by the website’s Administration.


1. Basic Information

This is a website that shares resources about books and software called “The Book Lovers“, whose access address is “http: //” Resources are information about books as well as software or not. Please use any information and / or materials on this website.

Resources are collected and compiled from many sources on the internet and community sites. We have a desire to be a focus place to make it easier for people to find resources. We only share it with the community and do not trade in ebooks or software, all resources are shared for free.

Users are anyone who can access this website to use the website or resources on the website.


2. User responsibility


3. Intellectual property rights

The Book Lovers resources located on this website are shared in the form of links and where they are not owned by The Book Lovers. We only link to content provided by another website. Please contact the content provider to remove copyright content (if any) and email us, we will remove the link or related content. We take no responsibility for copyright claims of these resources.

You have the right to use this website or the resources of this website for personal, academic or internal purposes not for business purposes.

We encourage this use along with citing the source as well as keeping the link to the resources on this website.

Any individual or organization that wants to print or publish books from The Book Lovers must get permission from the author, we do not encourage the commercialization of books or software.

4. Limit use

The Book Lovers does not accept any website or resource use of the website in one of the following:

  • Destroying the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
  • Infringing upon the personal freedom of others, humiliating, defaming, defaming others or causing harm to or harming others.
  • Disturbing public order or criminal law.
  • Transmit computer files infected with viruses that damage the operation of other computers.
  • Use of spiders or any automated devices, or manually monitor and collect website resources for any reuse purposes without our permission document.
  • Use any device, software and / or process to violate or intentionally violate the operation of the website.
  • Any action that is illegal or prohibited by the respective codes.
  • The act of infringing upon the rights and legitimate interests of The Book Lovers
  • Any action that we think is illegal

5. Exclude responsibility

When you accept and agree to use this website, you must accept the risks that may occur.

  • We do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness or suitability for the purposes of each user, however we do our best to meet that requirement. When you use resources from the website, you must manually filter the information to match what you need. Resources are for reference only.
  • The server hosting this website may be infected with viruses or other components that may harm your computer or property when accessing or using this website or resources. We will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from the use, access or inability to use, access this website.
  • The website may suspend or stop services provided at any time and without prior notice. The Book Lovers will not be responsible for any damages arising from any modification or alteration of the content or the use of this website, even in case of prior notice to us.
  • The products and services presented in this website are not automatically valid at all times and in any location. The introduction of products or services in this website does not imply that this product or service will be valid at any time in the location specified by the website user.
  • The Book Lovers website may be linked to third party websites, and these website links are for the sole purpose of providing links to sources of information that may be useful to The Book Lovers website’s users.


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